Volume 12, Number 4
3 October 2006

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Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu


International Menu
(Dates 4-5-6 October)

Marinated Fish
On a bed of lettuce topped with mustard sauce
French Onion Soup
Eggplant and Almond Soup or
Chef’s Salad
Served with Thousand Island dressing

Lamb Cutlets à la façon du “Piment Rouge”
A crown of lamb cutlets
Rainbow Trout à la Maison
Fried whole trout served with Maître d’Hôtel butter
Green Canneloni Roman Style
A traditional favorite spinach pasta rolled and filled with cheese and beef mixture served Au Gratin

Apple Crumble
Crème Brulée

Chinese Menu
(9-10 October)

Steamed meat pie

Tomato and Egg Soup

Shanghai Style Deep
Fried Fish
With vegetables, fried noodles and Chinese sauce
Sutori, Sweet and Sour Chicken
With vegetables, fried noodles
and sour sauce

Orange Pudding Cake

Call ext. 5002 for reservations Price: 10 YTL.

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