Volume 13, Number 4
October 2006

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Judges Ready to Roll

The Bilkent Judges, the proud American football team of Bilkent University, kicked off their new season with a party on September 22nd before their first training game the following Sunday. The Judges are the youngest of the 16 teams in the recently established college-league, with 35 of their 46 players having joined the team this season. Age aside, the Judges’ coach, Alper Angın, stated that they have the passion and the motivation to have a successful season. Coach Angın predicts the team will finish in the top 3 of the 6-team Ankara league to join the 8-team national play-offs.

The Judges have also unveiled a new team uniform for the 2006-07 season. The jerseys feature the colors of the university and are dark blue with red and white accents. The coach and players trust their new jerseys will bring them good luck. With the infusion of new players and new jerseys, the Judges expect nothing less than a cheering crowd of supporters to encourage them to success this season.

Doğacan Kurucu (GIA/III)

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