Volume 13, Number 4
3 October

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Kymberlee’s Nike Workshop Shook Bilkenters

On September 28th, the second Nike Dance event took place in the Student Dormitories Sports Hall. After the first successful event in which six hundred people participated last year, Nike decided to host another event this year in Turkey, only at Bilkent. Nike's famous dancer/instructor, Kymberlee, joined this year's Nike Dance Eliminations with her workshop. You may remember her from the Nike advertisements and Madonna's music videos. Last year's winner Ekin Bernay (COMD/III) also joined the workshop. Nike sent her to L.A. to train with Madonna's choreographer, Jamie King. Ekin Bernay thinks that it was a great experience for her, "In L.A. I was chosen to be a model for Nike. I went to Paris for the shoot. Now I am both working as an instructor in Tan Sağtürk's TAB Art and Ballet School and taking lessons from Tuncay Özçakar."

After the workshop Kymberlee answered our questions:

Bilkent News: What makes Nike dance distinctive?
Kymberlee: Nike dance is a kind of fitness instruction. It is not only dance choreography but also builds muscles and is aerobic.

Bilkent News:
What is the point of being a successful dancer?
Kymberlee: For me, dancing is my world. It means traveling and meeting new people. I have also had the chance to work with Madonna, which I had always dreamed about since I was a child. This is definitely the point.

Bilkent News:
What can be done to improve dancing quality in Turkey?
Kymberlee: When I first came to Turkey, I was shocked by the level of talent. It was amazing. But maybe more hip-hop figures can be included - not just ballet or the other classical styles.

Bilkent News:
Did you enjoy the event?
Kymberlee: I absolutely loved it. Everybody gave great effort and there was lots of energy. It was fantastic.

Bilkent News:
What are your opinions about Ekin Bernay?
Kymberlee: She enjoys her heart and feels the rhythm while dancing. She can work for top artists like Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake because her style is closer to them. She must not give up dancing.

Yeşim Şağban (IE/III)

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