Volume 13, Number 4
3 October

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I realized that this year, I began my column with serious topics, like my fears about the future, and the conditions of the younger generation. I feel that I am getting older when I see the younger generation on campus,though I’m not that old. I am still the girl going to concerts to scream and dance. I know how to have fun even on the night before an exam or when I’m very busy.

I have a year left before leaving this rose-colored world. So as a young person, I go to concerts and have fun with my friends. I love concerts. Somehow humans couple their feelings with certain kinds of music. There are songs for brokenhearted people, songs for happiness, songs for loneliness and songs for when we feel angry.

A singer who writes songs that deal with girls’ inner worlds is Şebnem Ferah. She is the second artist, after Duygu Asena, who reflects on the world of women and their brave ideas. She not only offers insight into our world but she mirrors our feelings. She is a true story teller. Each of her songs tells a different story - about feeling alone in a crowd or about being the wounded one in the relationship when you are left alone. When I listen to her, I feel a secret freedom in my mind. Or I feel like singing along loudly or being at the highest point of my emotions. But I know that we cannot all feel the same way. Some people do not like her, and these people are usually boys. They make fun of her lyrics and claim that they are rubbish.

So the place to be on a Friday night is METU if Şebnem Ferah is in Ankara. The plan was to get together with friends (mostly girls) and get ready to listen to an excellent musical story. The stadium is full of people… but wait a minute…they are not just girls, there are boys too. I was happy to see that both boys and girls are having fun. Maybe they are here because their girlfriends wanted them to go to the concert. Regardless, Şebnem rocked everyone again that night with her live performance. The crowd became one while singing the songs along with her powerful voice...

There are plenty of Turkish singers which males get together to listen to when they feel down. No need to name them, but we know that they are "Arabesque" singers, with their painful voices and painful life stories. I do not like to categorize based on musical taste. But if some boys want to listen to arabesque music when they feel down, then I and other girls I know will listen to Şebnem Ferah. Thanks to her these songs help us interpret a girl's world. I hope to listen to her with my girlfriends even when I’m old .

Gülay Acar (COMD/IV)

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