Volume 13, Number 4
3 October 2006

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Yes, really, I need an organizer because with each passing second my work is increasing and I don't have time to do half of it. I need a very big organizer to hang on my wall to plan each second and then follow that plan hoping at the end of the day that I will just be able to finish at least half of it. And then maybe, I could be successful. I am contemplating turning one of my walls into a great big organizer, on which I can write my course schedule, my "to do" list and my projects. Moreover, I can schedule some spare time just to do stupid things. Without any schedule I realize that I am getting lost. And I find myself in front of a TV killing precious time.

I am a big fan of some TV shows, especially those shown on CNBC-e. But when I start to watch them, I realize that at the end of a series of shows it is nearly 11 p.m. The night is over. I know others who also complain about wasting their time on things they actually do not want to do. But most of us, after a full day, find ourselves in front of a TV, just killing time.

I decided to find a hobby to get out of this rut and to feel that I am capable of becoming more sociable. But I noticed that I do not have time, because before finding a hobby I have to finish my "to do" list which could fill two blackboards. So I have decided to find an organizer and try sticking to it. I hope it will work, I really hope…

Last night again on TV, the CEO of an airplane company was explaining that Turkish people are not in the habit of planning their vacations. And he added that if we could plan our travels we would be able to obtain really cheap plane tickets.

Yes, that was the moment, which inspired me to create an organized life, not because I am going to travel around but because I cannot even find any convenient time to travel. Yes, today I will find an organizer and start to write my errands on it. And I will just stick to the list and will then hopefully have more quality time in my life.

If you have a problem similar to mine, I suggest turning one of your walls into an organizer. And I wish you good luck. Have a well-organized week!

Sıla Türkü Kural (EE/III)

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