Volume 14, Number 11
December 4, 2007

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The Fun of Films On Wheels And DocuTravel!

docutravelThe DocuTravel workshop provides film and media students the chance to work with their counter parts from other countries in a professional environment. The emphasis is on the importance of documentaries as an art form, and it's value for cross cultural exploration and understanding.

This year, students from Bilkent met up with peers from Georgia as part of the program to produce short documentary films on the eastern town of Kars, where the 13th Festival of European Films on Wheels was held from November 9 to 15. With the help and guidance of filmmakers and tutors from both countries, the students had an invaluable opportunity to improve their skills.

Asst. Prof. Andreas Treske, Chair of the Communication and Design Department, and a director and editor; and visiting Asst. Prof. Ahmet Gürata; and teaching assistant Koray Löker, participated as tutors, and were accompanied by students Duygu Sandıklılı and Sinem Çetin on the trip to Kars.

For the DocuTravel workshop, the budding filmmakers were divided into three separate groups and given the task of creating short documentaries that would be shown on the last day of the Festival, during the closing ceremony.

Duygu Sandıklılı was clearly excited about the experience, and expressed how enjoyable the trip truly was! After talking a bit about the content of the festival, she explained that when they arrived in Kars, the first thing they had to do was get to know the history of the town, and find out all they could about the important places of their subject in a very limited amount of time. The goal was to be able to reflect the true nature of the city - almost as if they were creating an advertisement. To add to the challenge, the groups had to research, write, shoot, and edit their films in only eight days! In the end, four short documentaries were produced. It proved to be very enjoyable and educational for her, and she was pleased with the attention they received.

After the Antalya Film Festival, this is the largest film festival in the country. The glamour of Antalya's event may have been missing, but, to Duygu, there where far more beautiful things that came from this project than glitz and spectacle.

Find out more about the Festival of European Film's on Wheels at www.europeanfilmfestival.com

Alev İclal Değim (COMD/III)

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