Volume 14, Number 11
December 4, 2007

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Judges Play Last Game of Their Season

judgesThe Judges faced a difficult challenge in the Ankara Cats last Sunday at the Bilkent Football Field. Since this was the last chance to survive in the championship chase, both teams were highly motivated. The Judges started the first quarter confidently and managed a successful defense organization and a bold offensive play. But, the Cats were able to take advantage of a mistake to score a touchdown near the end of first quarter. During the break, Captain Çağrı pepped up his teammates with these words: "We won't let them score anymore!" Pumped full of encouragement, Bilkent secured a touchdown and a 2 point conversion that brought the game to a score of 8 to 6 for the Judges. Late in the second quarter, Ankara scored another touchdown along with a 2 point conversion. Ankara held the lead by halftime at 14 to 8.

In the third and fourth quarter, the Judges managed to produce dangerous offense strategies, but Ankara countervailed with quality defense. Coaches and captains tried to keep their teams motivated and energetic. Through the end of the last quarter with just a few minutes left, an intense offensive play by Bilkent resulted in a touchdown to even the game up to 14 to 14. When both teams failed to make any headway in the remaining moments, the referee whistled for overtime.

The Cats were given the first opportunity to score. After a nice offensive move, they gained a touchdown and a following 2 point conversion to lead 22 to 14. The Judges had just one chance in the offense to catch their opponents, but failed. It was an overtime loss that put the Bilkent Judges on the sidelines for the rest of the tournament. The Gazi Warriors and Ankara Cats will advance to the next round.
Though the season didn't end as they would have hoped, the team's effort must be noted. They are looking ahead to the future with the same passion for the game that they showed this year.

Barış Kayaalp (ECON/I)
Candost Volkan (IE/II)

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