Volume 14, Number 11
December 4, 2007

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Minaco FC Crowned Champions

footballThe Republic Cup Football Tournament came to a conclusion with final matches last Tuesday. Sixty four teams were involved, under the coordination of Kağan Eynak and Nihat Doğualp. There were 16 groups with four teams in each, and after three group stages, half of the teams were eliminated.

Çokatanlar faced Herkes İşine Baksın in the third place play-off game, with the victory going to Çokatanlar. Then it was time for the final game. It was a challenge, but Minaco FC and Karadeniz Fırtınası had made it this far. Despite some terrible weather conditions, Minaco FC managed to earn the title. A ceremony was held afterwards and the teams were given their trophy and medals.

Barış Aydın, captain of Minaco FC, stated, "This is the third tournament that we have participated in together in which we earned a first and a third place. Belief is essential in football as well as everywhere in life and it was belief that played the key role in our success."

Candost Volkan (IE/II)
Barış Kayaalp (ECON/II)

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