Volume 14, Number 13
December 25, 2007

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This Week

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Prepared by
Ayşe Müge Yüksel (ECON/V) and Gencay K. Evirgen (CS/'06)

Answer of Last Week:
Copenhagen ve Seoul

What can you win?

puzzle_odul.jpg (8838 bytes)

Send in the 1st email with the correct answer and you’ll enjoy some of the world’s BEST cookies from Famous Amos Bilkent.

Send in the 2nd email with the correct answer and savour a mouth watering Magellan brunch!

The 3rd and 5th email senders with the correct answer will bowl a game at Roll House.

The lucky senders of the 8th and 13th emails will be throwing darts in a free game at Roll House (Darts must be thrown at board, not friends!)

And, for the 21st, 34th, 55th, 89th and 144th emails with the correct answer, beverages will be on Starbucks Coffee!

How can you win?
Just play the word seek game to the left. But there's a catch - there is always a catch! All but two words in the list are in the puzzle. But which words? Find out, type up a quick email, send it to iletisim@bilkent.edu.tr and you could win! Now start circling and
good luck!

puzzle.gif (94753 bytes)

Doris Lessing
Orhan Pamuk
Dario Fo
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
William Golding
Pablo Neruda
Samuel Beckett
Jean Paul Sartre
John Steinbeck
Boris Pasternak
Albert Camus
Ernest Hemingway
Winston Churchill
Bertrand Russell
William Faulkner
T S Eliot
Andre Gide
Hermann Hesse
Rudyard Kipling
Sully Prudhomme
George Bernard Shaw
Anatole France

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