Volume 14, Number 14
January 2, 2007

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2007: The School Year in Review

happy.gif (7661 bytes)This is issue fourteen of Bilkent News for this school year - that's fourteen newspapers filled with information about what has been going on in our community. As I look back at the stories we ran over the past semester, I am truly amazed at what has been accomplished here at Bilkent University. The school continues to grow, both here in Ankara, and throughout Turkey, with the opening of new faculties in Erzurum and Ýzmir, and plans for new development throughout the country in the future. The library continues to develop its services. New programs are being developed here on this campus, and, as we can all see, there is plenty of construction going on.

The art scene has been alive and doing impressively well with world class art exhibitions and collaborative efforts featuring the work of Polish, Iranian, German, and a wide array of Bilkent's own artists. Stunning performances continue to be held at the Bilkent Concert Hall, including a spectacular year ending Strauss Gala. Our reporters and columnists have been there, experienced what has been happening and brought it to you within these pages.

The number of awards that have been earned by staff and students has been incredible. Both national and international awards of the highest caliber have been won. Each and every week, there is a new article focused on the achievements by members of this school. Its heart warming to see and it makes me proud to be a part of this community, and the team that is able to bring you these stories.

Sports continue to be a big part of campus life with football, basketball, tennis and other events taking center stage in our sports section. University teams and events open to all students and staff have provided entertainment and added to the overall Bilkent University experience. The sports halls have offered programs for Bilkenters to keep fit and have a good time while doing it.

A new council was elected, the student community came together to march against terror and celebrate national holidays, and a number of distinguished guests visited the school; including an international leader; national politicians; musicians; artists; activists and academics from around the globe.

Sadly, we also lost some loved ones and friends. They won't be forgotten in the New Year. The impact that they have made stays with us, with some tragedies resulting in new scholarships and funding to help students in the name of those who have passed on.

So, what will 2008 bring? If only we had a crystal ball! It's almost impossible to predict what will happen in the next twelve months. BUT, based on how 2007 went, I would say Bilkent University and everyone who is part of the community face another year of success, advancement, excitement, fun and friendship. We at Bilkent News are looking forward to being there to see it happen. Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe!

Chris Hearn
BilWrite Team Member
Bilkent News Editor

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