Volume 14, Number 24
April 15, 2008

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The Birdies Have Finished Flying!

birdiesA badminton tournament, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center as part of their Intramural Racket Sports Tournament, ended Sunday April 6. A total of 19 players and 48 competitive matches made up the event.
The winners are as follows:

Ladies' Singles
1) Ezgi Asena Kurt (COMD)
2) Gizem Korkut (MBG)
3) Ceren Güney (IR)
Men's Singles
1) Görkem Kaya (ECON)
2) Ahmet Tuğberk Tözman (ECON)
3) Aleksei Medvedev (FMPA)

Ladies' Doubles
1) Gizem Korkut (MBG) - Ezgi Asena Kurt (COMD)
2) Ceren Güney (IR) - Ayşegül Turgut (IR)
3) Esra Karaca (MAN) - Aylin Güvener (BIM)

Men's Doubles
1) Aleksei Medvedev - Shalva Gagua (FMPA)
2) Görkem Kaya (ECON) - Görkem Ötedağ (BIM)
3) Ahmet Tuğberk Tözman (ECON) - Bahadır Dinç (IE)

Mixed Doubles
1) Ayşegül Turgut (IR) - Görkem Kaya (ECON)
2) Ezgi Asena Kurt (COMD) - Ahmet Tuğberk Tözman (ECON)
3) Gizem Korkut (MBG) - Aleksei Medvedev (FMPA)


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