Volume 14, Number 24
April 15, 2008

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Evliya Çelebi Seminar Filled with Delectable Delights

evliya çelebi seminarThe recent seminar on Evliya Çelebi and Seyahatname proved to be special, not only for the information that was shared, but also for the culinary time travel attendees experienced.

The group was invited to an "Evliya Çelebi's Feast" at Le Piment Rouge restaurant. The menu selected was particularly special as it was arranged by Chef Instructor Zeki Polatkesen using some recipes extracted from Seyahatname, and prepared by students under his supervision. An exciting 17th century gastronomic experience was on offer which included Bademli Terbiyeli Tavuk Soup, Masluka, Lemon Sherbet, Kirde Kebabı (from Bursa) with Dane-i Saru, Melon Zerde (from Diyarbakır), and Güllaç Baklava with Cream. The loud applause at the end showed just how much the food was appreciated.

Le Piment Rouge, The School of Applied Technology and Management and the Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Services' practice restaurant is on East Campus in the R Building.

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