Volume 14, Number 25
April 22, 2008

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Visit Datça at the Library Art Gallery!

Sema Boyancı's gravure and oil paintings will be on display until May 6 in the Library Art Gallery. Ms. Boyancı is a Turkish contemporary artist who mostly uses the "gravure technique," where the artist etches images into a metal plate and then makes prints. Her latest exhibition is called "Datça Impressions," which reflects her views of the south west area of the country where she has been living for six years. I had a chance to have a chat with her during the exhibition opening.

datca2S.E: Today we are here for "Datça Impressions," but you were born in Bolu, Mengen. Of course, Bolu also has some inspirational views and places. Did this have an influence on you during your education or help you in your success?
S.B: Actually, during my education at Öğretmen Okulu, my instructor directed me towards fine arts. Of course, we lived harmoniously with nature in Mengen; our children are still growing up with nature, so it may have had a deep effect on me.
S.E: Why Datça? You have been living there for six years?
S.B: Yes, I have been living in Datça for six years. Before that I was living in Ankara and always in my studio working on my projects, so I said to myself that I should have gone to a different place that would have been good for me. I decided on Datça.
S.E: Finally, what would you like to say about your exhibition?
S.B: With one sentence, I could summarize it like this: I live in Datça.

Sezgi Eser (COMD/III)


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