Volume 14, Number 25
April 22, 2008

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Talking to the People: Konuşan Halk’a

konusan halka The Konuşan Halk'a Project, started by the Genç Aydınlanma Club, has collaborated with the Çankaya Municipality to take volunteers beyond the boundaries of Bilkent to discover how people live in less prosperous areas of Ankara. This is the first year for the project, launched in the spring semester of 2008.

Project volunteers paid their first visit to Zafertepe on April 12, listening to people, many living in inadequate conditions, learning about their expectations for the future, their political ideologies and their viewpoints regarding their families, the state, public services and local authorities. So far, it's proved to be an interesting experience, with some people openly and honestly expressing concerns about their plight, and what the future holds for them and the country.
Konuşan Halk'a has more visits planned in the district to help develop a clearer picture of life for everyone from 7 to 77. If you would like to take part, there are two more trips planned in the upcoming weekends. Contact Erdem İnan at e_inan@ug.bilkent.edu.tr, or visit www.gencaydinlanma.org to get more information.

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