Volume 14, Number 25
April 22, 2008

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TDP and Culture and Communication Club
Focus on Global Warming

tdpTDP (Community Projects) and the Bilkent Culture and Communication Club have joined forces to organize a huge symposium, May 3 to 4, in the C-Block Auditorium. The topic will be "Climate Change and Global Warming," with the conference featuring four sessions, a total of 20 speakers, and a panel discussion. A number of students from all of Ankara's universities plan to attend and show their solidarity on this issue.

Extra activities will include cinema evenings and, most importantly, a caricature exhibition opening on April 28, and closing on May 4. Focusing specifically on global warming, it was originally part of a festival competition, arranged in 2005 by Yeniyüksektepe Kültür Derneği, for the "International İstanbul Caricature Festival." Over 50 pieces will be on display submitted by artists from across the world. To get there, just follow the yellow signs in the FADA Building to the exhibition hall, where volunteers will be waiting to tell you all about the works, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Registration for the symposium takes place April 28. There are only so many spots available to the Bilkent Community so be sure to sign up early! To find out more, visit http://kig.bilkent.edu.tr.

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