Volume 15, Number 13
December 23, 2008

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Republic Cup Update: Badminton Tournament

Yet another chapter in the Republic Cup has been closed with the end of the Badminton Tournament, held at the Main Sports Hall on Sunday, November 30. In all, a total of 21 student and faculty athletes participated in the challenging and fun event. The top finishers were:

Ladies' Singles
1) Gizem Korkut(MBG)
2) Aylin Güvener (BIM)
Men's Singles
1) Serhan Gür
2) Görkem Kaya (ECON)
Ladies' Doubles
1) Gizem Korkut (MBG) and Şeyma Beşpınar
2) Aylin Güvener (BIM) and Ece Şen
Men's Doubles
1) Uğraş Durmuş and Görkem Kaya(ECON)
2) Aleksei Medvedev (MSSF) and Shalva Gagua (MSSF)
Mixed Doubles
1) Ceren Güney (IR) and Uğraş Durmuş
2) Ece Şen and Serhan Gür.

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