Volume 15, Number 14
December 30, 2008

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The Year That Has Passed, and the Year That Will Come

What? Another year gone? How did that happen! Time flies when so much is going on. What a year it has been at Bilkent as it continues to show it is a school with a world class reputation. I always seem to see new faces on campus from around the globe. When I get on a Bilkent bus, I often hear German, Russian, Arabic, French and other languages spoken, and realize that this really is an international school.

Many of the stories we've ran over the last year illustrate the accomplishments made by Bilkent scientists, engineers, artists, writers, and athletes. But, this is just part of what makes Bilkent a rich community. As I go by campus restaurants and cafes, I see students laughing, conversing, and just enjoying life. This is wonderful. After all, this is an important part of the Bilkent experience, and helps create a lively atmosphere and community spirit which feels good to be part of.

Beyond this, it is impressive to see how many students are showing up to conferences, seminars, speeches and presentations. There is a genuine interest in politics, social issues, the economy, the arts, and the environment. Students are asking questions and voicing opinions and views on a cross-section of issues and this is fantastic. Again, this is a large part of what university life is - sharing ideas, creating debate, and producing an environment that can lead to concrete change. And, that is what so many students want - to have an impact on their country and humanity as a whole.

Once again, I must thank the writers of Bilkent News. It is not easy work. But, they do it, week after week. Regardless of your views on the publication, we try to produce a paper with elements that appeal to the whole community, and our writers do their very best to make that happen. Good work guys! And to the students and faculty, we encourage you to keep writing letters to let us know your thoughts, opinions, and story ideas as the year unfolds.

What will 2009 bring? Who knows? That's part of the fun! When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, we will enter a new chapter, and begin creating another year of memories and accomplishments. Have a very happy, and above all, safe New Year

Chris Hearn
BilWrite Team Member
Bilkent News Editor

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