Volume 15, Number 14
December 30, 2008

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The Runaway Sheep

yigit turhan"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France

"I am a pen-and-ink artist who lives on the coast of Maine and loves to draw portraits of animals, all kinds of animals, from furry to feathered to spiny." This is the modest opening to the blog of Leslie Moore, a pen-and-ink artist who happens to create marvellous works featuring our most beloved pets. Although our friendship has a long history, it is not the reason her work happens to be my topic of the week. I just feel the need to share her talent with you because, given the season, you may be all stressed out trying to find the right gifts to thrill your friends with. I believe this might be the perfect option! A pen and ink drawing of your best friend's pet (also of yours)! I love ticking the days off until the end of the year on the PenPets calendars that Leslie Moore has been sending me for a couple of years now. The amount of detail she adds to her drawings is incredible. I am generally not a huge fan of pen portraits, but with her works, it is as if a golden retrievier is actually begging for play, cats are about to jump on you, and sheep dogs are searching for affection. The pictures can look so realistic that, if you concentrate hard enough, you might expect to be able to hear a bark or meow!

She works with photographs, so the first step is to take a nice shot of your pet. Then, contact her at sales@penpets.com. Write down some details about their personality, because in order for her drawings to look realistic it is important to know about their "character." If you don't happen to have a pet, or your friend who is crazy about pets doesn't have one because their mom is allergic to cats or isn't fond of dogs, then you can also order a penpets calender that features some of her best work to be enjoyed every month.

Now, as you check out her drawings at http://4dmo.com/penpets/index_flash.htm, I will read her latest book: "How to Catch a Lobster."

Yiğit Turhan (EE/IV)

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