Volume 15, Number 19
March 10, 2009

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See the World and Gain Valueable Work Experience with AIESEC

aiesecWould you like to do an internship abroad? Make your dream a reality! Association Internationale des Etudients en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (AIESEC) can place you in a professional work setting at a national or multinational company in any one of 100 countries. Your internship can be from 6 to 78 weeks, and you will be paid!

There are many choices in companies, sectors, departments, start and end dates, regions and countries, and AIESEC will even help you with the visa process.

To qualify, you must take a language exam. The deadline for exam applications is March 21, with the exam being held on March 22. Also on March 21, there will be information stands set up in B-Building. For more information, you can also visit their office on 5th Avenue at 29th Street in Bahçelievler. You can also call 213-9425 and vist www.aiesec.org.tr or www.stajyurtdisindayapilir.com for more information.

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