Volume 15, Number 19
March 10, 2009

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Your Knowledge is Valueable: Dare to ShARE?

ShARE is a multicultural, non-profit organisation for students that strives to better understand local socio-economic issues through presentations, conferences and projects. ShARE's first team was created in Shanghai in 2002. Today, after 6 years, ShARE has branches in 19 universities in Portugal, Switzerland, France, Poland, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Korea, India and China. Now, with the aid of the Marketing and Advertising Club, Turkey will have a ShARE team at Bilkent.

For more info about ShARE, visit their website at www.share-share.org.

You can learn more about the Bilkent ShARE Team through the Marketing and Advertising Club website at www.madbilkent.com, or by sending an email to seftalioglu@ug.bilkent.edu.tr

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