Volume 15, Number 26
April 28, 2009

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Engineering Society's Management Camp Over for 2009

Yönet is a managership and leadership camp conducted by Bilkent University's Engineering Society. This was the fourth year for event, held April 23 to 26 at Esenboğa Airport Hotel. Bilkent students and students from other universities participated in the camp.

Workshops and seminars allowed students to network and learn from some of the best business leaders in Turkey and enhance personal skills. Some of the speakers included Zeki Sezer, Vedat Uygun (The General Manager of Volkswagen), Gamze Cizreli (The owner of BigChef's), Tunç Uluğ (The Chairman of Koç Yönder), Betül Akman (The Board Chairman of Hotel2000), Murat Çağatay (The General Manager of GAYA), and Ahmet Durul (The Chairman of SİM Danışmanlık). In addition to a series of seminars, there were workshops where participants had the chance to apply their knowledge to specific situations.

Of course there was also plenty of time for socializing, fun and entertainment in a friendly environment. And, at the end of the camp, certificates of participation were given.

Sponsors for the Yonet 2009 included Volkswagen, Teknik Alüminyum, Plus Akademi, Ekonometri, Ankara Life, Icon, Yenibiriş and Üniaktivite.

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