Volume 15, Number 8
November 11, 2008

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Faces on Campus

Name: Narin Aydın
Department: Philosophy (I)
Book: "James and the Giant Peach"
"Very imaginative."
Movie: "Fight Club"
"Everybody has two personalities."
TV: "Dexter"
"Just because my friends recommend it."
Music: Scorpions - "Wind of Change"
"Everybody and everything is changing

Name: Zeynep Kıyıkçı
Law (III)
Eğitim Üzerine by Immanuel Kant
"I love to read the author."
"Very realistic and very naive."
"Şahların Labirenti"
"Very informative."
Morcheeba / "It has everything in it."

Name: Ayça Bulut
Department: Political Science (II)
Book: Işığın Savaşçısının El Kitabı by Paulo Coelho
" Very leading author."
Movie: Çingeneler Zamanı
"Balkan life and music is fantastic."
TV: Sıcak Saatler
"The emotions are very real and the dialogue is like proverbs."
Music: Ederlezi- Goran Bregovic

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