Volume 16, Number 10
December 1, 2009

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Communication Skills Discussed by Indian Diplomat

communication skillsOn Tuesday of November 17, the students of Eng 102, Propaganda or Persuasion, and two Eng 101 classes in the FEASS unit of FAEP, BUSEL, welcomed India's First Secretary of the Embassy to Ankara. Mr. P. I. Muralidharan's visit was primarily to discuss the professional communication skills required of the diplomat. The visit was part of an ongoing program that brings foreign diplomats to Ankara to spark debate on a range of contemporary issues and encourage academic English skills at Bilkent.

Along with engaging students in a debate over propaganda and persuasion, Mr. Muralidharan emphasized four key areas that should be the focus of a student seeking to build any career: enthusiasm for reading, accuracy when writing, preparation and a mature concern for time management. In other words, success beyond university life depends on a lifelong commitment to the very themes that form the central component of all our FAE programmes. 

Such sentiments are neither propaganda nor persuasion, but are a fact of life for anyone seeking a meaningful career and personal fulfillment. Students must “seize the moment.”

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