Volume 16, Number 10
December 1, 2009

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Let's Meet the Bilkent News Family

Bilkent News

Pictured first are the Bilkent News student helpers. They are the students who contribute to the development of the paper, writing columns and news articles, preparing puzzles, conducting interviews, and taking photos. These students remain the backbone of the paper.

From left: Can Aran (CS/I ), Photographer; Cüneyt Yılmaz (ECON/II), Columnist; Eralp Semerci (IR/II), Faces on Campus; Seda Yıldız (COMD/III), Art and Culture Reporter; İrem Esen (MAN/III), Art and Culture Reporter; Müge Tekin (IE/IV), Columnist; Nil Bero, Assistant Editor; Neslihan Kahyaoğlu (IE/III), Puzzle Editor; Fatih Çakıcıoğlu (IE/II), Sports Reporter; Hande Seçkin Onat, Editor-in-Chief; Rector Prof. Ali Doğramacı; Aykut Karaalioğlu (IR/III), Columnist; Semih Sancar (ELIT/II), Photographer; Kadir Okan Cerrah (ECON/IV), Web Updater; İsmail Uyanık (EE/V), Politics Reporter; Nazlı Çelebi (ECON/IV), Columnist; Damla Okay (COMD/V), Columnist; Maggie Li, English Native Editor.

Bilkent News

Those in the second photograph are the Bilkent News Editorial Board members who read, review, comment, discuss, and edit the news items that are sent to bilnews@bilkent.edu.tr every week. They meet every Thursday morning and diligently participate in the decision-making process, carefully selecting items for the following week's issue. They work behind the scenes on the weekly production of the paper.

From left: Reyyan Ayfer, Chair of the Department of Computer Technology and Programming; Prof. Ümit Berkman of the Department of Management; Nil Bero, Assistant Coordinator of the Communications Unit; Kamer Rodoplu, Director of the  SATM, VSTHS and VSCTOM; Prof. Mehmet Baray, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering; Prof. Kürşat Aydoğan, Vice Rector for Administrative and Financial Affairs; and Hande Seçkin Onat, Communications Unit Coordinator.  

Student contributors not pictured are: Alper Rıfat Uluçınar (CS/PhD), Photographer; Cansu Topaloğlu (AMER/II), Photographer; Eda Erdem (TRIN/IV), Columnist; Emir Fatih Özdel (CTIS/II), Useful Websites; Erdoğan Gök (COMD/IV), Politics Reporter; Gönenç İnal (TRIN/IV), Columnist; Okşan Alpdemir (IR/III), Columnist; Ömer Canbek Öner (CTE/IV), Columnist; Reyhan Güner (IR/I), Reporter.

Here are some remarks from these students about Bilkent News and what it means to them:

“Back when I was in high school, I used to enjoy English class a lot because it allowed me to be creative. When I was a senior, I used to be part of the Falcon Eye (the name of the school's newspaper), and did reports for the Lifestyles section. This was my chance to talk to people who I wouldn't have spoken to otherwise. After I started university back home, there were no such opportunities because the university didn't have its own paper. When I transferred to Bilkent, the first thing I did was contact Mrs. Hande Seçkin Onat and ask her if I could be a part of the group. I was really enthusiastic about being part of the team because one, it still gave me the thrill of writing, and two, it kept me closer to English. I know classes are in English, but I don't get the chance to write in English outside of the classroom, so I found Bilnews to help me feel closer to the language. I don't really have a specific topic I write about, just anything that needs to be reported, I'm always there.”
İrem Esen

Bilkent News triggers my daily dose of endorphins, yes just like chocolate...”
Eda Erdem

“Working on the paper has helped me change my ways of seeing the world.”
Müge Tekin

Bilkent News is an outlet for creativity and self-expression for all columnists. More so, in my case, it is a publication with which I can share a different point of view and way of life with my fellow students. I have enjoyed sharing things such as American slang and the tradition of the Novem beard with Bilkent!” 
Okşan Alpdemir

“I sometimes feel like Bilkent is a kingdom to which I belong as one of its many citizens. For me, Bilkent News is one of the tools that strengthens this sense of belonging.”
Gönenç İnal

“There're billions of things that one may take pleasure from, but to me, art is the main resource of all them. So, working as an art and culture reporter, Bilnews is this pleasure that I take. Introducing people with any branches of art, trying to give a little novel touch to their lives...”
Seda Yıldız

Bilkent News is a way that leads us to greater success.”
Semih Sancar

Bilkent News provides an opportunity to say what you want to say in a way that imagination and inspiration are unlimited.  In the path of your college years, it is inspiring to be free and to be able to write about it.”
Nazlı Çelebi

Bilkent News is a hobby for me, through which I socialize with a great group of people. It gives me a great opportunity to improve my photography skills.”
Can Aran

Bilkent News is like a new family.”
Eralp Semerci

Bilkent News is a balcony that opens up to crowds.”
Ömer Canbek Oner

“I am grateful to Bilkent News for the opportunities it has given me to express my thoughts in an official publication of my beloved school. I'd once again like to remind all members of the Bilkent community how valuable it is to have a school paper, and how much more valuable this paper would become with more contribution and support.
Damla Okay

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