Volume 16, Number 10
December 1, 2009

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alev dešim10 Things You Must Do Before College Ends

You know those moments when something solid hits you in the head, and you start to get nauseous. Suddenly everything seems to change and the cold ugly hand of depression grabs you and pulls you down. You are forced to confront the ugliest truth: Your college years have come to an end.

Well, fortunately, it hasn't hit me just yet but, as a senior, I'm very well aware that it might hit me any moment now. But don't worry I'm keeping my guard up. I'm trying to avoid the ugly truth by doing things that I must do before college ends. As I have very limited time compared to some of you, this has been hard to do. So I was thinking, people have all these weird lists about 10 things to do to get the perfect body, 10 ways to get him back, 10 things you should never say to a girl-I've always found them entertaining and thought having a list of 10 things you must do before college ends could be useful. Here is what I've come up with:

1. Find out who you are or just try to
I know, I know, this is a complete cliché. I also know that finding yourself is a never ending process but college is, at least its supposed to be, the place where you can find out who you would like to become.
2. Hang out with perfect strangers and become best friends before the night ends.
This is actually one of the coolest things about college. There are all kinds of people and you have the opportunity to meet these perfect strangers, maybe even get a new best friend.
3. Try out new things that you have never tried before (and probably never will again)
There is nothing like experimenting! Get out there, set yourself free and try things you have never tried before. There is no one to judge you.
4. Broaden your horizon
There are zillions of ways of doing this. For instance, try being an exchange student. Believe me its worth it. It might be scary at the beginning, but for some of the people I know, it's the best experience they have in college.
5. Suffer from occasional short memory loss
You know what I mean...
6. Have a conversation with your professor
You probably won't believe this, but actually some of your professors are pretty awesome people. They have this "office hour" concept where you could go and have a chat with them. I've heard they don't bite.
7. Do volunteer work
Stand up for what you believe in. This is something you probably should do throughout your whole life but probably you won't have time to do this when you are in the real world fighting monsters.
8. Make sure you have good stories to tell
Make sure you have done enough to tell your kids about. College is the perfect set for your stories to unfold.
9. Learn to do your own laundry
This is probably one of the most useful things I've personally learned but there have been some victims along the way… like my beautiful white sweater which has a awkward blueish-gray color now for some mysterious reason.
10. Double-check that you have no regrets
It might not seem that important today, but regretting not doing something that you could have easily done is not an easy thing to bear for the rest of your life. Some of you are just at the beginning but there are others like me who are running out of time, so if you have a check list, I say get on with it. Because before you know it, the inevitable truth will also hit you.

By Eda Erdem (TRIN/IV)

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