Volume 16, Number 10
December 1, 2009

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AYKUT KARAALİOĞLUFacebook & Starbucks

Facebook gives free Starbucks coffee coupons to new members of Facebook. No way, I am just kidding, but maybe it will in the future. Think about it: what is the relationship between Starbucks and Facebook? Of course, they have a deep relationship with each other. At the end of this article you can just log onto Facebook at any Starbucks coffee shop. 

Beginning the spread of Facebook, everybody turned into an FBI agent to search their old classmates and colleagues. In Turkey, somebody searched for their long lost grandma. Let's turn to the main point: they found their friends, relatives etc. They arranged a meeting at coffee shops and took pictures. You can mostly see Starbuck's paper cups. Why do people need to take a picture with paper cups at Starbucks?  By the end of the meeting, they run to their computers and upload pictures on Facebook. Some of my friends also do the same thing and say “Tam Facebookluk bir resim.

On the other hand, anyone interested in the online world can make marketing, advertising and technology events at Starbucks. For ex: Likemind (also in Ankara and İstanbul), Idea Market, Trend Walkers etc. When you attend Likemind Chicago and then Likemind Ankara, you see no difference between them.  You don't feel like a stranger despite being in different places.

starbucksStarbucks does guerilla marketing and sends subliminal messages. It suggests that when you drink Starbucks coffee with your friends, you are cool, modern and social. And also these basic needs of walk and drink behavior also show off your style. Therefore, this is the new type of life born within Facebook, Starbucks and other brands.

In the United States, Starbucks creates events on Facebook and invites people for coffee-free days. Everybody talks about this event and newspapers also advertise it. This is an example of new media. Advertisements no longer have to broadcast their messages directly on TV.

The new Facebook generation thinks that Internet means just Facebook activities and profiles. And also, Starbucks provides Facebook with free wireless and coffee.


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