Volume 16, Number 10
December 1, 2009

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Useful Websites...Useful Websites...Useful Websites...

emirHi, everyone,

These Web sites, which you are going to be acquainted with, will hopefully prove useful for your study and social life. At first glance, these sites do not seem highly reputed, but are nonetheless so very spectacular, like "Howstuffworks". Almost anything can be found here. Its main principle, as understood from its name, is to show users how anything functions.  Just write something you would like to search, from animals and  electronics  to food and computers and start learning from experienced people.

Let me continue with the second Web site of this week, especially for people who are on their way of acquiring English or enjoy watching foreign media.  This site contains all the current TV series and movies of today. The site even allows you to create lists of your favorite shows and keep up with them.

Now to the most functional Web site of this week. When you open the page, an interactive Earth map welcomes you. By clicking on a country, you can get all sorts of information about it, including lists of the most viewed TV channels or the most listened-to radio channels. This link has all the makings of a country. Just visit to see how handy it is.

Emir Fatih Özdel (CTIS/II)
Bilkent News

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