Volume 16, Number 13
December 22, 2009

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Reliving Bilkent in Canada


Toronto-area Bilkent alumni gathered for a night of kebab and entertainment at Anatolia Restaurant in West Toronto. While eating patlýcan ezmesi, yaprak sarma, kebab, and pilav, they listened to live Turkish music and reminisced about canadaBilkent. Many of them work in the software industry, while others are academicians in various field. One alumna came from three hours away from where she teaches at the Queen's School of Business in Kingston. Even their waiter, Korhan Öner, was a Bilkent alum! He graduated from THM in 1992.

A few alumni volunteered to host another event for local Bilkenters when the weather grows warmer in the spring.

Photos: http://gallery.me.com/bilkentalumni#gallery

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