Volume 16, Number 13
December 22, 2009

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Fall Fitness Challenge Top Finishers

fitnessThe 2009 Fall Fitness Challenge ended on December 13. Of the 180 challenge participants, 29 succeeded in collecting at least 150 points by exercising regularly during the period between November 2 and December 13. The 2009 Fall Fitness Challenge, held at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall, was open to all students and academic staff. The 5-week event was intended to encourage students to keep fit and teach them to exercise in the correct way.

2009 Fall Fitness Challenge Top Finishers:

First (275 points)

Birikim Gürkan
Işık Engin
Melissa Taylor
Tuğba Sertkaya
İpek Tuvay

First (275points)

Ahmet Yükseker
Ahmet Güngör
Bilgehan Arık
Caner Kurt
Cem Mergenç
Emre Morgül
Ergün Bilen
Fatih Salih Oluç
Fuat Emre Bakır
Hacı Fikret Çalışkan
İhsan Çulcuoğlu
Sefa Burak Akalın
Utku Cebecioğlu
Ünver Akmandor
Yunus Evren
Sergey Margulis
Alex Bond

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