Volume 16, Number 13
December 22, 2009

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This Week

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neslihan kahyaošlu
Prepared by
Neslihan Kahyaošlu (IE/III)

How can you win?
Find and circle the words from the list. All but two are in the puzzle. When you get the right answer, emai iletisim@bilkent.edu.tr!

quick china bind roll house


Send in your email with the right answer and win:
Email 14 gets brunch from Magellan
Email 17 and 18 get a one free game of bowling at Roll House.
Email 21 and 22 get a free game of darts at Roll House
Email 39 gets a beverage and noodle dish from Quick China.
Email 48 get chocolates from Bind Chocolate

Last week's answer:
Danzan Ryu / Kajukenbo


The Most Creative People of the World
Grant Achatz
Shai Agassi
Paola Antonelli
David Axelrod
Jeff Bezos
Jonathan Blow
Andrew Keller
Larry Page
David Droga
Sergey Brin
Andrew Stanton
David Byrne
Jon Favreau
Tina Fey
David Fincher
Ed Ulbrich
Steve Simpson
Alex Bogusky
Robert Nakata
Red Burns

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