Volume 16, Number 13
December 22, 2009

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By the end of this semester, I observed on campus many guys who've grown a long beard and mustache. Also girls don't seem to care how they look anymore.

That is the consequence of looming final exams, projects and papers. One of the other reasons to feel depressed is the knowledge of impending graduation. You know, many students start taking photos of every single memorable place at Bilkent. They even want to become closer to their friends because they realize there is only one semester left. They recall their previous years at this university and grow nostalgic for all the amazing and bitter things that had happened.

I don't want to focus anymore on graduation because it's depressing me. I'm sure that come the end of the spring semester, I will write many things on this. I want to talk about a common feeling of depression. Many friends of mine say, “Yesterday, I slept almost 14 hours” or “I don't want to do anything.” Come on guys, this is the first step of depressive behaviors. Next you'll say you do something every single day, but you don't feel anything. They are so stressful. I hung out with some of them last week, and now I feel myself depressive and lonely. I think it is contagious. Midterms have also negatively influenced my body. So, I said to myself, “You don't have to do anything until right before finals. Just sleep.” But I changed my mind and started to visit art exhibitions, read bestsellers and surf social networking sites to be more social.

I realized one of the key elements of being Turkish is when we ask someone, “Naber?” (What's up?) the other guy automatically says “İyi” (good). There is no other option. Therefore, we keep bad feelings inside of us. I believe that if you share your problems or bad conditions with your family or friends, they will be easily solved.

I think these depressive thoughts are also related to the weather. Did you know that Scandinavian people are more depressive than those in other countries? I searched Twitter last week about Ankara. Everybody agreed that Ankara looks like London in terms of weather, cold and rainy. I think we are waiting for snow, but the snow does not come. I can only hope that Christmas will be snowy.

Don't worry, my friends. Take it easy, be calm and relax. The new year will be great for us.


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