Volume 16, Number 13
December 22, 2009

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UNICEF Volunteers New Year's Fair


The UNICEF Volunteers Committee held a New Year's Fair at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering building between December 16 and 18. The event raised money for children who live in urgent need of aid in forgotten parts of the world.  

UnicefVolunteers sold donations of lightly used and new clothing, electrical appliances and decorative items. They prepared various items of their own, from cookies, honey, jam and cakes to jewelry, magazines and books to sell at the fair. The large amount of interest in the event proved very encouraging for the organizers. Smiles shone from many faces, as all participants understood the difference their efforts would make in the lives of children they had never before met.

All proceeds went to the UNICEF children's fund.

Reyhan Güner (IR/I)

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