Volume 16, Number 13
December 22, 2009

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emirPicture a Web site that sticks high-quality private sharing with other Web sites like Facebook, flickr, Photobucket to an e-mail system. This Web site would rock the world. The New York Times wrote, "There is, however, a more elegant solution. For very large media files that surpass an e-mail system's size limit, this site is among the 50 best websites on internet." For example, your address will be like http://drop.io/ozlem_ozmen. Think of your profile as a box where you can put anything and share it with anybody or access your files from anywhere.

As photo-editing technologies advanced, playing with pictures stimulates people's interest. You will be able to recreate your own pictures by converting them into hundreds of other images according to the level of your imagination. No need to talk about this Web site more since it is so easy to use. It focuses on one duty: To do its job professionally. Upload your pictures to the site and start to get your imagination power started by creating incredible images of your own.

Emir Fatih Özdel (CTIS/II)
Bilkent News

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