Volume 16, Number 22
March 23, 2010

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Macedonian Representatives Visit Bilkent Cyberpark


The Minister of Transportation and Communications of the Republic of Macedonia, Mile Janakieski, and Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Turkey, Melpomeni Kornetti, visited Bilkent Cyberpark in order to obtain information about technoparks.

Deputy Chairman of Bilkent Cyberpark, Mr. İlhan İl, provided information to the Macedonian Delegation about the technoparks in Turkey, legal basis of technoparks and Bilkent Cyberpark. Mr. İl also stated his opinion that Macedonian Universities have an excellent educational background and a technopark initiative could contribute to the technological and economic development of Macedonia. Minister Janakieski stated that the technoparks in Turkey could be a good example for Macedonia, and they would like to cooperate with Bilkent Cyberpark for a potential technopark initiative.  Minister Janakieski also obtained information about Bilkent University and he said that Bilkent University has been closely observed and appreciated in Macedonia. 

After the meeting at Bilkent Cyberpark, the Macedonian Delegation visited the National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM) and Meteksan Savunma. They obtained information about  R&D activities. The Delegation was very impressed by the level of R&D conducted in Turkey. They said they hope Turkey would be a good model to be followed by Macedonia.

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