Volume 16, Number 22
March 23, 2010

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A Running Project: From Antalya to İstanbul

runningThis article would seem like utterly unwarranted self-promotion if Bilkent Sports Director Hayri Özkan had not urged me to write it. But he did, and so …

On Sunday, March 7, I was down at the south coast participating in the annual RUNTALYA event. Having only recently returned to running for fitness (and weight loss!), I didn't do the marathon - only the 10K. My modest ambition was to complete the race, without any walking, in under an hour. And … step-step-step, puff-puff-puff … I did not walk, and finished in 53 minutes, 12 seconds. This is not a great achievement, but I found it … very satisfying.

And here now, is the more important part of this writing (and the reason why my tone is so strangely like that of a salesman). A colleague/friend at Sabancı University, with whom I reconnected at RUNTALYA, has informed me of the upcoming Golden Horn Half Marathon (Haliç Yarı Maratonu), in İstanbul (of course!), on Sunday, April 25. I have not registered yet, but I have already begun my training. Barring injury,
I will certainly do the race.

I want to challenge - or, if you prefer, invite - other members of the Bilkent community to do it as well.

The fee for the Golden Horn Half Marathon is very reasonable: only 20TL for those with T.C. kimlik, and 40TL for others. These are, however, early registration fees, for on-line registrations on or before April 5. As a piece of “active tourism” (if I may coin a phrase), the race promises to be truly splendid, providing views of all the major attractions of the Golden Horn.

The website for the race is http://www.halicyarimaratonu.org

If you would like to contact me about the race, I'd be delighted to hear from you. I am Don Randall, Associate Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature. randall@bilkent.edu.tr

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