Volume 16, Number 22
March 23, 2010

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Bilkent University Engineering Society
Presents Yönet 2010


The Bilkent University Engineering Society will organize a nationwide managership and leadership camp, Yönet 2010, between April 22 and 25, at Esenboğa Airport Hotel. It is open to all students from any department, whether from Bilkent University or not. The aim is to bring students who want to be successful managers together with the business leaders of Turkey. 

This year, speakers will include Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (Republican People's Party (CHP) İstanbul Deputy and Parliamentary Group Deputy Chairman), Turhan Turhangil (General Manager of Schneider Electric Turkey and the Middle East), İsmail Başer (General Manager of Teknik Alüminyum San. A.Ş.), the European Partner of A TKearney, Dr. Özkan Dalbay (General Manager of TÜRKSAT A.Ş.), Dr. Murat Çağatay (General Manager of Lidea Consultancy), Devrim Erol (Head of Ankara Business Women Entrepreneurs and Enhancement Association), Berna Akyöney (Owner of Tribeca Restaurants), Ali İsmet Koçak (Director of Sales Department and Education Committee at Alarko Carrier), Fırat Özpınar (Board member of Yatırım A.Ş.).

mtIn addition to a series of seminars there will be workshops where participants can apply their knowledge to specific situations. In particular, engineering students who already have analytic thinking skills will have a chance to improve their management skills. And, over the four days, students will also be given a chance to enjoy social time, with fun and entertainment.

Sponsors for the event are Schneider Electric, Teknik Alüminyum, Ekonometri, Ankara Life, Icon, Yenibiriş and Üniaktivite.

At the end of the camp, a certificate of participation will be given. For more information about registration visit www.yonet.bilkent.edu.tr

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