Volume 16, Number 22
March 23, 2010

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Youth in Politics:
Youth Branches of AKP and CHP Meet at Bilkent

youth in politics

Bilkent Siyaset Platformu Kulübü organized a panel with the presidents of the youth branches of Turkey's two leading political parties: the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Republican People's Party (CHP) to discuss the “Importance of young people in policy” on Tuesday, March 16, at FADA.

During the two-hour panel, presidents Fatih Şahin (AKP) and Yunus Emre (CHP) answered questions about the current policy of their parties. The first question asked was “What awaits young people if they go to the youth branches of a party?” The AKP president Şahin focused on how young people take responsibilities in the decision-making structures of the party. He also talked about the social activities and training programs available. The CHP president Emre spoke about the nature of young people in policy and why current policy needs ideas from today's youth.

Another question asked was about the protest of Tekel workers Ankara faced in recent months. President Şahin emphasized that privatization of the Tekel company started before the AKP government. 

“When a privatization occurs in a company, all the workers became unemployed,” he said. “But the current government gave those workers a chance by offering other jobs.”

CHP president Emre talked about the bad treatment of workers during their protest even though some members of Parliament were with them.

The last important question was about the contributions of youth branches to current policy.

“Our youth branch played a critical role in the law, which reduces the age to be selected as a deputy from 30 to 25,” said AKP president Şahin. “If we see MPs in Congress less than 30 years old after the next elections, that would be completely our success.”

He also spoke about the role their youth branch played in the laws which increased  the number of domestic and international scholarships given to successful  students in the country.

CHP president Emre said there would be training sessions organized in the party and
support walks for the TEKEL workers.

After the questions, the two presidents shook hands  to show the difference between  political ideas and friendship. Bilkenters watched the interview, showing their sensitivity and interest in current policy.

İsmail Uyanık (EE/V)
Bilkent News

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