Volume 16, Number 25
April 20, 2010

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Social Awareness Project Group is awarded 18,000 Euro for Fitness & Health initiative

UPG 2010 Bilkent University Social Awareness Projects has twelve local, regional, national and international branches, among which the International Project Group raises awareness in global social issues.  Since 2006 it has facilitated youth exchange and education in Finland, France and Slovenia. In addition, the International Project Group has hosted their guests from Estonia, Letonia, Litvania, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal, and the Czech Republic in Antalya, Şanlı Urfa, and Bodrum. Their goal within the European Union Youth Programs is to participate in various projects to develop themselves by becoming acquainted with different cultures.

Now is the time to realize the new project, “Healthyouth Healthyfuture,” which has been accepted by the National Agency with a 17,779 Euro budget. This project emphasizes physical wellness. Problems such as obesity and heart disease rise in light of rapid technological progress and modernity. People should consume more fresh foods and exercise to ward off illness.

“Youth should try to find solutions to these problems. We would like people to adopt the habit of participating in sport and living in good health. We believe that if we change ourselves, we can change the society's poor and unfit lifestyle,” says İsra Özsalar (FMPA/IV), Project Leader of “Healthyouth Healthyfuture.”

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