Volume 16, Number 25
April 20, 2010

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Republic Cup Table Tennis Tournament Results

Table Tennis

This year's Republic Cup Table Tennis Tournament was held on April 12-14. Every year, the Physical Education and Sports Center organizes the “Republic Cup” sports tournaments and leagues involving hundreds of students in basketball, football, badminton, and table tennis. The Table Tennis Tournament was played over 3 days, and included 80 competitive matches with the participation of 34 players.

The winners are as follows:

Men (Beginner-Intermediate)
1) Kenan Cinoğlu (CTIS/PREP)
2) Aslan Uğurtorun (MAN/I)
3) Berkay Öğdük (CS/III)
4) Abdullah Bilgin (EE/III)

Men (Advanced)
1) Onay Urfalıoğlu (EE)
2) Emin Doğru (IR/III)
3) Prof. Orhan Arıkan (EE)
4) Asst. Prof. İbrahim Körpeoğlu (CS)

Men and Women
1) Cansu Turgut (IR/I)
2) Senem Sancar (CS/III)

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