Volume 16, Number 27
May 4, 2010

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CTIS Senior Projects Poster Days

The Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems (CTIS) will hold its annual Senior Projects Poster Days for 2010. Projects were put on display May 3rd and can be viewed until May 4th.

Seventeen teams of 59 senior students will present their software projects to the public. This includes CTIS students, visitors from the software industry and all interested Bilkenters.

Almost one week before project demonstrations, teams will have a chance to get feedback for the final product. Moreover, the evaluation of the posters will play an important role in deciding who will take the 2010 CTIS System Development Award.

Seven months of hard effort on the development of high-quality software projects will be recognized by guests from the Turkish software industry. Almost one quarter of the projects are supervised by related companies.

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