Volume 16, Number 27
May 4, 2010

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TDP’s Railway Line Support Project Goes to Niğde Ulukışla


The volunteers of Bilkent University Social Responsibility Projects (TDP) Railway Line Support Project (DHDP) chose Niğde, Ulukışla as their beneficiary station this year to assist the students of the Hüsniye Village Primary School.

TDP gave the students an opportunity to try model airplane design, participate in a marbling papers workshop, fly kites and play sports. The children also received medical check-ups from Bilkent University Health center personnel, along with information on how to keep healthy and hygienic.

Bilkent volunteers also held movie screenings, conversation sessions, and concerts to bring the Hüsniye Village community together. But the Niğde, Ulukışla station was not their only focus. TDP also spent time renovating dilapidated parts of the primary school. During all this time, the volunteers stayed in a wagon rented from Turkish State Railways (TCDD).

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