Volume 16, Number 6
October 20, 2009

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Study Outside Turkey

The Student Exchange program gives students the opportunity to study in different countries for the 2010-2011 Academic year. Here is your chance to experience a different culture. The list of partner Universities can be found at http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/bilkent/academic/international/partners.html.

As exchange is based on reciprocity, some of the Universities on the list do not admit students before they send students of their own. We will know the name of the universities that will admit Bilkent students before the interviews are scheduledq.

Students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 and is currently in their second year are eligible to apply for the program. 

Applicants must submit a CV and statement of purpose along with the application form (http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/bilkent/academic/international/how.html) to the Office of International Exchange Programs in Registrars Office. The application deadline is October 30.

Qualifying students will be selected for initial interviews which are scheduled for November 9-13. Successful candidates will be announced on November 18.

Candidates who wish to study in the United States are required to submit TOEFL scores by February 1, 2009.

All students who plan to apply for the Students Exchange Program should contact Ayžegül Bažol at ext. 2435; Erkin Tarhan at ext. 1065 or Ceren Genç at ext. 3218 for more information.

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