Volume 16, Number 6
October 20, 2009

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alev dešimGet a new Perinsective

I have two bugs in my room. I named them Gregor (from The Metamorphosis) and Itsy. They were unwelcome at first; I had monstrous plans for them. These included destroying them with pesticides, smashing them with my slipper, and perhaps the most effective one, ordering a Dionaea muscipula, a carnivorous plant off the Internet. I actually got quite close to murdering Gregor, but  unfortunately, I failed. Emotions bubbled inside me, flowing overwhelmingly, and reminding me that the ugly and unbelievably annoying creature, which I had finally captured after several unsuccessful attempts, was alive. So I let Gregor live and thought: Since my parents don't allow me to have a cute kitten, and since I don't have the best history with goldfish, I could have two bugs for pets.

We have been living together for two weeks now. I don't supply any food, however I think they like the crumbs on my desk. I even made a house for them out of an empty chewing gum box and stuffed cotton in it for their own comfort-although they refuse to stay in it. They seem to be doing pretty well. In fact, if you ask me, they are doing far better then most humans. They get free food; they don't have to pay taxes; they don't even work for havens sake! All they do is smashing themselves against my windows, get awfully dizzy and hit the walls. It's hilarious; I laugh every single time.

I also get very strange ideas from time to time. I sometimes think that they are two extra terrestrials sent from planet x to observe my daily habits. Once my imagination is triggered, I just can't seem to stop it. Their presence also got me thinking, helped me me look at things from another perspective. So this week I've decided to write from Gregor's and Itsy's perspective for a change.

I'm sure the most basic habitual things we do as humans must seem very weird to extra terrestrials, if there are any. However, to us they seem like normal things to do, as we are used to our daily habits. Young infants react like an ET would to things they see for the first time. I've witnessed this. I watched a baby look at a spoon for half an hour. You might think that I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. It was the most fascinating thing that baby had seen yet. He was awed by a spoon!

When you come to think about it, spoons are queer objects. We forge metal to become something that enables us to drink liquids in small amounts. This object, due to its unique concave shape, reflects us upside down. Admit it, it is weird. I mean, I never liked spoons in the first place, they're very tiresome to use, specially with soups.

What about gyms? I bet Gregor and Itsy would be amazed by the whole concept itself. Not that I don't promote healthy living and exercise-I'm into yoga and Tae-bo like many of you out there.  But come on, when you think about it...treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, or just leave gyms aside roller skating, skiing, bungee jumping, Surfing... Olympics? 

It's not only what we have but also what we do. For instance, sunbathing. I'm planning on taking Gregor and Itsy with me next summer. I'm sure they will be amazed by what they see. Lying under the hot burning sun all day long, risking skin cancer and wearing all kinds of different oil, all to get the perfect tan (which is extremely overrated if you ask me, but this is probably jealousy speaking)

Socks, cars, putting on make up, amusement parks (particularly Disney land), cosmetic surgery... the list goes on. I could make such a long list of weird things we use and do every day. You probably could wrap the planet twice with it. I bet we could wrap it four times with Gregor's and Itsy's lists.

I like our weird habits. I like observing people. I like that we are the same but somehow unique even while we are doing the most normal and common things. You need a different perspective to see some things about life, and its always fun to observe things from another view.

So get a new perspective. Believe me, its worth it even if this means adopting two insects.

Oh, and if you are wondering, Gregor and Itsy are Calosoma scrutators, If they happen to have a baby, I'll make sure to let you know.

By Eda Erdem (TRIN/IV)

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