Volume 16, Number 6
October 20, 2009

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This Week

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Useful Websites

webHi, everybody

This week I am going to try to represent several praiseworthy Web sites, the first is a quite enjoyable and unusual website called Bubblenaps. With help from this site, you can edit your pictures and  give them life. In three easy steps, which involve: uploading a picture , adding your bubble captions and reviewing and sending, you can create unbelievable pictures and share pictures you created on Facebook or Flickr.

Are you sick of spam? Do you want to protect your privacy? If your answer is yes, I am considerably sure this site will come in handy since it helps you keep away bothersome advertisements, pop-ups and people you do not want contacting you. The interface of the Web site is pretty simple and would be easy to use for users of all kinds. You can create your own contact form and start sending e-mails anywhere

I will probably hear you say that I am not a professional computer user, so why should I pay for software? Or you might think you need a particular software for a week, so why pay all that money?  That does not make any sense, and to use software without paying is committing piracy. One solution remains: Freeware. This blog contains 79 different types of free software. They are categorized according to their functions and there is even a link to download freeware easily.

Only think of your needs and take them.

Emir Fatih Özdel (CTIS/II)

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