Manic Street Preachers - Postcards From A Young Man


Manic Street Preachers is a cult band from Wales, formed in 1986. The band used to consist of Richey Edwards, James Dean Bradfield, Nick Wire, and Sean Moore. Actually, what gave them a cult following relied on in the early years of band. After a New Musical Express (NME) reviewer criticized them in a bad way, Richey Edwards carved "4 real" into his arm. Afterward, everybody knew the name of the group. Teens who intend to harm themselves suddenly became subjects of MSP's songs.
In 1995, Richey Edwards, who had his own problems about himself, disappeared from a hotel. His body was never found. They had already released their most successful album, Holy Bible. The band was left as a trio, and they decided to maintain the band and record new albums, but they lost their cult status and their obsessed fans. Although, they lost a part of their fan base, the band reached other listeners who liked their personal and soft songs.
Neo Manic Street Preachers started that way. They collaborated with popular artists and changed the sound of the band to pop music. When they recorded "Your Love Alone is Not Enough" with Nina Persson, they showed their concerns about album sales. They sent a message: If it is necessary, we will play with electronic backing. We are no longer the band that inspired by Guns 'N' Roses.
Don't believe it.
Postcards From A Young Man is their tenth album and features songs composed with lyrics left by Richey Edwards. "We thought; let's give it one last shot at mass communication with the new record. Let's pretend it's the '90s and try to cross over to people," says Nick Wire. Featuring ex-Guns 'N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan, MSP is trying to show that the band is getting back the old spirit.
NME wrote about Postcards From a Young Man: "Poignant, joyful, and above all really, really loud." NME is right because the band plays song with backing that makes the music really loud. Apart from all these critics, the most important thing is that the songs give the taste of Richey Edwards. With their new record, Manic Street Preachers trying to make a connection between their past and today. The lyrics; "These are the postcards from a young man; they may never be written or posted again" gives a clue about the idea of the album. Check out the songs and give them the second chance that they deserve.

Footnote: On the album cover they used Tim Roth's picture, the artist who was the idol of vocalist James Dean Bradfield when he was a teenager.