Volume 5, Number 21
8 March 1999

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Bilkent Students Forge Ties with Japanese Counterparts

For some it is the "spicy" food, for others it is the chance to meet and interact with villagers, but whatever the most fascinating attraction, each of the 13 Japanese university juniors who visited Bilkent late last week as part of their tour of Turkey experienced firsthand the culture and people they've studied for the past six months...

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Election Calendar to be Released Tuesday

The Election Board will meet Monday, March 8, to finalize the Student Union election calendar and release the calendar to all faculties and schools Tuesday, March 9. While the calendar has not yet been approved, it appears likely that candidates may start applying on March 22.

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Great Music Master Erman Passes Away

Prominent violin player, classical music producer and Bilkent Music Instructor Ayhan Erman died Saturday, February 27. He had been teaching chamber music classes at Bilkent's Faculty of Music and Performing Arts since its founding. He played with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra for 31 years from 1962 to 1993. Starting in 1970, he produced weekly classical music radio programs entitled "Music Calendar," "Music Dictionary," "The Story of Piano," "Countries and Composers," "Music and Humor," and "New Records, New Interpretations," which is still aired. He was also the instructor for music program production for Radio Bilkent Classic.

The Editorial Board of Bilkent News joins Radio Bilkent in extending condolences to Ayhan Hoca's family and the music world.

Ten-Year Awardees to be Honored for Service

Ten year service awards will be presented to academic and administrative staff at upcoming ceremonies on March 10 and 17. For their long-term commitment to the University and in recognition of their service, plaques will be presented to the awardees. We congratulate and thank all 10-year Bilkent members.

For the names of all the honorees, see the list, in alphabetical order...

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    Üzeyir Garih
    Chief Executive Officer of Alarko
    Tuesday, March 9, 1 p.m.
    FEASS C-Block Auditorium

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