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Volume 5, Number 29
10 May 1999

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Three Honored with Distinguished Teaching Awards
The awardees shown below were chosen by students and alumni. They will receive their awards during graduation ceremonies.

Alexandre Klyachko,
Visiting Professor.

Ph.D., Saratov State University, 1973.
Faculty of Science

"I've been teaching at Bilkent since September '95. It's a great surprise for me to get a teaching award at Bilkent, which is full of brilliant people.

"I try to convince my students that mathematics is a very simple science provided you understand properly the basic principles. I like Pasternak's dictum: 'People need badly in simplicity, while complexity is easier to understand for them.'"

Ali Nihat Eken,

Ph.D., Educational Sciences, METU, 1997.
School of Applied Languages

"I believe that teaching can be a meaningful experience if and only if it promotes effective learning not only for the student but for the teacher, enabling both parties to enjoy and benefit from it. Also, if we avoid acting like authorities, then that will help create an effective teaching / learning environment full of mutual appreciation and respect."

Ömer Faruk Gençkaya,
Assistant Professor.

Ph.D., Political Science, Boğaziçi University, 1990.
Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

"I am very pleased with the award. I'd like to share it with all my colleagues, although it is of personal value to me.

"My teaching philosophy is oriented to research and practice and based on education through training. I also intend to develop individual abilities of my students to prepare them for their careers."

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