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Volume 5, Number 29
10 May 1999

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Tourism '99 Champions in Rector's Cup Soccer Tournament

Members of the Rector's Cup championship team, THM '99, celebrate their victory with Rector Ali Doğramacı, Tourism Schools Director Kamer Rodoplu, Dean of Students Zeynep Köksal and members of the Sports Center staff.

The Tourism Schools have won Bilkent soccer's bragging rights for this year.

The Rector's Cup Soccer Tournament - designed to showcase Bilkent's best and most competitive student athletes - exceeded its well-deserved reputation for excitement Thursday, May 6, as THM '99 (made up of Tourism students) and Escobar (made up of Engineering students) waged a back-and-forth battle for the Cup.

THM '99 rallied in the final seconds of the match to take the lead 3-2 and fought off several skilled challenges by Escobar to capture the championship.

In other action, the Red Devils from the School of Applied Languages took third place and the Seniors from the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture took fourth. Rector Ali Doğramacı and Tourism Schools Director Kamer Rodoplu were on hand for the big game and they presented trophies and medals to the winners.

THM '99 players are: Hüseyin Soysal, Kerem Tez, Adnan Ülalan, Kaan Başman, Ertuğ Ersoy, Ömer Kulaksız, Çağatay Neslioğlu, Mete Gürel, Burak Demir, Ömer Gürmen, Murat Dilber, Feridun Pakaydın, Tufan Kobanbay, and Cenk Kızıldağ.

Congratulations to all competitors.

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