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Volume 5, Number 29
10 May 1999

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Fun for everyone: Spring Fest '99
The loud music, smell of the food, spring breezes, colorful stands, and Bilkenters lying on the fresh grass enjoying drinks. A great welcome to Spring Fest at Bilkent!

The 1998-1999 Academic Year Spring Festival held Thursday, May 6, and Friday, May 7, was made possible by the financial support of approximately 10 firms.

The cost for commercial stands for educational, trade, and catering purposes was $50, $140, and $300, with students stands available for 5 million TL. A total of 55 stands participated.

The Spring Festival was also made possible through the work of the following Bilkent clubs and organizations, as well as student volunteers.

The Active Club (Kulüp Aktif)
The Chess Club (Satranç Kulübü)
The Elan Club (Atılım Kulübü)
The Cinema Club (Sinema Kulübü)
The Tourism Club (Turizm Kulübü)
The Folklore Research Society (Folklor Araştırma Topluluğu)
Bilkent University Sports Centre
Radio Bilkent
The Spring Festival Organization Committee included:
The Dean of Students' Office
The Students Union President
The Dean of Students' Publication Unit
The Student Union Coordinator
The Accounting Office
The Construction and Maintenance Office
The Catering Management Office
The Support Services Office
The Student Union Secretariat
The Financial Affairs Office

A variety of activities add color to campus life and Spring Fest brings it home to Bilkent. Life is beautiful, isn't it?

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