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Volume 5, Number 29
10 May 1999

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From Kitchen to Table ...
A Day at Bilkent's Practice Restaurant

During the past semester, the Practice Restaurant, operated by Food Production and Food and Beverage Management students, presented six different menus. The restaurant was run and all food prepared under the supervision of the chef instructors David Browett and Henk Küchlein. Food and Beverage Management courses were conducted by Oğuz Benice and Vildan Gödl.

Top left: Cemal Engin Ertuğrul (foreground) places fried vegetables in a serving dish while Murat Kamil Furtun (background) cooks the fresh pasta he made. Top right: Ayşim Göktepe checks the lamb roast she is preparing while Chef Henk Küchlein checks her work. Bottom left: Banu Gülçin Aslan and Pınar Anar prepare fried eggplant. Bottom right: Canadian Ambassador to Turkey His Excellency M. T. Mace, the special guest of Canadian citizen Chef Küchlein, enjoys lunch with Tourism Schools Director Kamer Rodoplu, middle, and Second Secretary of the Canadian Embassy John Rodney, at left.

Including the birthday buffet for Professor İhsan Doğramacı on April 9, the students prepared about 1,900 portions for approximately 1,400 customers. Several were VIP guests, including: Turkish Minister of Tourism Ahmet Tan; Canadian Ambassador to Turkey M. T. Mace; Members of the SKAL Club of Ankara; President and members of the Ankara Hoteliers Association; Representatives of the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies; General Manager Willy Blatner, F & B Manager Rick Goedkoop, and Executive Chef Wolfgang Gödl of the Ankara Hilton; and Executive Chef of the Istanbul Hilton, Pol Aleart.

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